Advantages Of Solar Energy

The advantages of solar energy are simple. It makes sense for the environment and it make sense for the wallet. Ten years ago you didn’t see the rush to go solar we see today. But the prices for solar panels have gone down and there is a rush to get solar installed before the government incentives end.

Advantages of solar energy in California.

1) Tax Credit

You may be able to get 30% of the cost of your system back in the form of a tax credit. The federal government is incentivising you to go solar by offering this 30% credit. This policy was established in 2005 but had it’s limitations. Initially it could only benefit homeowners who did not take the standard deductions and had a max limit of $2000. So it wasn’t really 30% unless your system was very small. Any system greater than $7000 would not see the 30%.

In 2008 the credit was enhanced. The credit can now be used as a credit against the alternative minimum tax and the $2000 upper limit was removed. The downside is that the credit is scheduled to end on December 31, 2016. So homeowners are rushing to get their systems installed while the credit is in effect.

Talk to your tax professional about the difference between an tax credit and a tax rebate and to see if you have enough taxable income to take advantage of the credit.

2) Net Energy Metering

Another of the advantages of solar energy is the fact that you can sell your excess electricity back to the electric company. During the middle of the day your panels are at their highest production. But you are not likely to be at home so your usage is probably lower. All that energy is getting sent back to the electric company. Right now they have to pay you for the excess electricity you send into the grid and they have to pay you at the same rate they would be charging you if you were purchasing the energy from them.

There is a limit to Net Energy Metering though. The utilities argued that if too many people went solar there would not be enough people buying electricity to cover the cost of the infrastructure. So the government added a NEM cap of 5%. When 5% of the energy usage is coming from solar the utility will no longer have to pay market rates to new solar customers. Current customers will be grandfathered in for a minimum of 20 years.

Homeowners who understand this are racing to get solar panels on homes before this advantage goes away.

3) Other Advantages of Solar Energy

There are two types of solar water heating. Water is pumped through collectors that are stationed in the sun and then back to storage tank. This type only works if you live in an area that do not reach freezing temperatures. The second type is where the fluid in the collector is a fluid that does not freeze. It goes into the collector to heat up which in turn heats up a heat exchanger. The heat exchanger heats the water.

There are of course all the green planet saving advantages too. Your carbon footprint is smaller when you put solar panels on your home. You are less dependent on the utility company and at the whim of their price hikes. Solar panels are not polluting, the energy is free and abundant. But our customers tell us the that of all the advantages of solar energy it’s the extra green we put in their wallets that made them choose to go solar with Enver Solar

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Wife and I were really taken by surprise when we saw how much we would save on our electric bill by going solar. The whole house fan was a great addition to the system!

- Mike and Susan McClintock

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