Residential Solar Panels Installation & Design

Enver’s professional team is one-of-a-kind. From our knowledgeable salespeople to our designers and engineers, to our expert installation crew, we will oversee your entire solar panel installation project and provide you with a single point of contact and accountability throughout the life of your system.

Pre-Installation Shade Survey

Before we begin the installation process, we employ the world’s leading shade measurement device – the patented Solmetric Suneye – to assess the available solar energy by day, month and year by measuring the shading patterns of your site.

The Solmetric SunEye incorporates a calibrated fisheye camera, electronic compass, tilt sensor, and optional GPS to give immediate measurements in the field. It is placed around the proposed area and takes a 360-degree picture, which allows us to determine the shading factor in the area, thus helping us to determine the best location for your solar panel array.

The Solmetric Access & Shade Report tells us how efficient the location is going to be throughout the year and how much shade we’re going to get from morning to night.

We Never Drill Holes in Your Roof Tiles

Most solar companies drill holes in the tiles of your roof. They employ mounts with a single point of attachment, allowing for potential movement that can eventually cause cracks and leaks in your roof.

Enver uses tile hooks that go around your roof tiles. Our mounts have dual points of attachment and we remove roof tiles before installing them.

We never drill holes through your roof tiles!

Less Resistance is More Efficient

  • Most solar companies use 10 or 12 gauge wiring in their installations. Enver uses 8 to 10 gauge wiring (depending on the engineering plans).
  • 0% dow8 gauge wiring is 30% larger than 10 gauge and 60% larger than 12 gauge
  • 8 gauge wiring has 40% less resistance (Ohms) than 10 gauge and 60% less than 12 gauge
  • Less resistance means less power loss throughout the system.
  • Less resistance means more electricity can travel through the system.
  • Less resistance means more electricity can travel through the system.

Our Enver Installation Pledge to You:

  • We will work with you to schedule your solar energy installation
  • We will work efficiently so that there is no interruption in your normal routine
  • We will completely clean up after ourselves
  • We will inform you about your new solar power system so that you are comfortable with how it works

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What Clients Say

We had several solar companies give us a proposal for solar on our home but none of them were as informative as Jon! We felt so comfortable with him and his professionalism there was no question who to go with.

- Robert and Julie Harrison

Ron was helpful every step of the way. We were skeptical at first but he made us feel comfortable with his soft spoken way! We are not only excited about saving money with our new system (we got a new furnace and ductwork to go with our solar panels) but we made a friend.

- Greg and Sheri Goodman

Wife and I were really taken by surprise when we saw how much we would save on our electric bill by going solar. The whole house fan was a great addition to the system!

- Mike and Susan McClintock

At Enver, it’s our mission to meet and exceed your expectations. That’s the Enver Promise!