Solar Tax Credit and Solar Rebates

Solar Power Tax Credits & Government Solar Rebates

Federal, state and local governments offer incredible tax credits and rebates to encourage homeowners to switch to renewable energy. These incentives dramatically lower the cost of a solar power system or energy efficiency project. These tax credits and rebates often make solar power less expensive than power from the utility company.

State rebates

Rebates are cash payments available to help offset the cost of going solar. The amount of the rebate subsidy varies by program, but some are generous enough to cover up to 30% of your solar system cost.

The California Solar Initiative solar rebates are designed to decline over time, as more homeowners choose solar; therefore, the sooner you get your rebate reserved, the lower the cost to you of making your home a solar home.

Federal Tax Credits

The federal government allows you to deduct 30% of your solar system costs off your federal taxes through an investment tax credit (ITC). If you do not expect to owe taxes this year, you can roll over your credit to the following year.

Enver Will Get the Most for You

Enver is committed to helping you benefit from every federal, state and utility rebate and tax credit available for your energy upgrade projects.

Navigating through government rebate programs on your own can be intimidating. Enver will identify all of the qualifying tax credit and rebate programs for your system and file the required paperwork for you.

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We had several solar companies give us a proposal for solar on our home but none of them were as informative as Jon! We felt so comfortable with him and his professionalism there was no question who to go with.

- Robert and Julie Harrison

Ron was helpful every step of the way. We were skeptical at first but he made us feel comfortable with his soft spoken way! We are not only excited about saving money with our new system (we got a new furnace and ductwork to go with our solar panels) but we made a friend.

- Greg and Sheri Goodman

Wife and I were really taken by surprise when we saw how much we would save on our electric bill by going solar. The whole house fan was a great addition to the system!

- Mike and Susan McClintock

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